Caring for our clients since 1971

A 47 year tradition of
natural, holistic treatments

The Chiropractic and Natural Therapy Clinic, Croydon was established in 1971 by Dr George Coughlan and his wife Joyce.

The clinic was located along with the Anad School of Yoga, as Joyce was a well known yoga teacher at the time. Dr Ray Dixon, who became a Partner in 1978 was one of Dr Georges’ patients and a Yoga student of Joyces’, from 1973. He underwent treatment for asthma and has never had asthma since.

Dr Ray was also one of the clinics early employees working on reception and in the dispensary commencing in 1973. Due to his results Dr Ray became a Chiropractor and Naturopath himself. The Clinic moved to its current location in 1985.

Dr George Coughlan (the founder) is still with us and over 90 now. He saw his last patients at the age of 88, Joyce passed on June 10th 2017.

Dr Ray Dixon remains the owner and manager of the clinic, but retired from treating patients June 2017. Albeit we heard a whisper that he may see some patients when visiting on holidays from where he now lives in Phuket. He is in constant contact with Dr George.

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